Where I have fallen short in choosing my pool builder, I have stumbled into so much luck with great services such as Toscano Pool Plastering. These guys cleaned up the messes left behind by sloppy tile work, and careless preparation. I was fortunate enough to be able to upgrade to Stonescapes mini pebble white by recommendation of the owner of Toscano Pool Plastering, and he did not disappoint. The finish is lovely, and is sure to last much longer than the quartz finish I was going to have installed. If you are considering a replaster or building a new pool, I can personally recommend Toscano to help you out.
Great work all ways done in time and for they right price
Pools made like no others, made professionally,on time, and they beat all local prices. If your in need of a pool done or need it repaired right in Houston and find yourself calling someone else , your definitely making a mistake . They have the portfolio and loyal customers to back up their work so why hesitate Call the Toscanos Pool Company and get the best pool plug there is in Houston get what your heart desires and have it done right by them. I promise you won't regret it I guarantee it. When it comes to your (future) pool don't let others set you back, when the Toscanos can keep you on track